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KETO 411

by Crystal Reneau 

Crystal knows what it’s like to be overweight. She had hormone imbalances, suffered from hair loss, acne, bloating, mental brain fog, an over active thyroid, adrenal fatigue, asthma, high risk for cancer, and unable to have children. Sounds like she’s 60, but she was only 24.

Currently she’s on a high fat, low carb diet, and almost everything mentioned above has changed. The food that she is eating fuels her new healthy, balanced and active lifestyle. The ketogenic diet has changed her life!

Our Interview with crystal

TB:  Hey girl I am so proud of you , you’ve come so far since we met in Cleveland!  Looking back, how would you describe where you were in your life path when we met during the Tropicbeauty Model Search?

CR:  We met when I just turned 21 years old.  I was still finding myself at that point.  I was from a conservative family, knew little of the world outside of my suburb, and was comfortable with my small circle.  I grew up a tomboy, played sports, and worked a normal 9-5 while cocktailing on the weekends.  I never have thought that Tropic Beauty was going to create such an impact on my life when I was crowed Miss Cleveland.

TB:  I knew you were super outgoing and organized, so you became an event assistant for Tropicbeauty.  How did that change your perception from being one of the models to working with the models?

I was really shy at first but I got comfortable when I felt how welcoming the Tropic Beauty family was.  Being a model was new to me.  This whole glam and sparkle world was new.  I really felt lost but I put on a smile and followed along with some of the veterans.  I would watch the girls do their hair and make-up so I could learn.  I grew up closest to my brother so I never had someone to show me how curl my hair or wear the make-up the way they did.  The girls had a big impact on me becoming a woman and feeling confident in myself.  That confidence allowed me to really build my personality and let my hard working qualities come out.  Becoming family with these incredible women allowed me to understand their needs and be able to coordinate from a staff perspective because I had done it.  They were also so supportive!  I couldn’t have asked for a better group to work with and work for.

TB:  Did you notice their work out routines or nutrition at that time?

CR:  At 21 I didn’t care about my own nutrition.  I was young with a high metabolism.  I saw the models would eat very healthy and be selective with foods while I was the girl stuffing the bacon cheeseburger with fries down my throat.  This eventually caught up with me a few years down the road.  We would occasionally visit the gym to get some kind of activity in but once the events got rolling, finding time to sleep was more important than the gym.

TB:  I remember you started to lift and came to one of the events and said you needed to eat a whole chicken for lunch, I thought oh man you need to eat allot to keep your gains, was that true back then and how has it changed if so?

CR:  Once the weight started sticking, I was trying to change my eating habits.  My mentality was to train really hard and eat more protein, less fat.  The amount you eat and what you eat should be based on your goals.  At that time I was trying to grow muscle through resistant training so eating a standard bodybuilding diet meant frequent meals and lots of protein.  Now that I look back, I was just flat out over eating and I know that it was because I was very uneducated on nutrition.   Overeating was also a bad habit of mine.  I was also following the dietary guidelines that have been taught to us all our lives, which I now believe are very wrong.

TB:  How did you become interested in the Keto Lifestyle?

CR:  I was given a ketogenic meal plan through a diet coach.  I was dieting for my first bikini show (I did not compete) and he wanted to reset my insulin sensitivity.  I had no idea what the keto diet was at the time.

TB:  Was this hard at first?

CR:  I never asked questions, just did what I was instructed to do.  I ended up transitioning into ketosis very poorly, thought I was going to die and was debating to go to the hospital.   I thought to myself, maybe I should know what I am doing to my body and not just follow what someone says to do.

TB:  Did you fall right into in or did you have struggles?                                                                                                    

CR:  I struggled only because I wasn’t educating myself.  You shouldn’t make changes to your body without knowing why and what the consequences, positive or negative, may be.

TB:  Can you tell us exactly what Keto is that’s easy to understand?

CR:  Keto is a diet full of fresh produce and protein.  Carbohydrates are very low, allowing your body to make a metabolic switch from sugar burning (carbs) to fat burning.  Healthy fats will make up majority of the diet.  Fat is a more powerful and sustainable energy source.  Your healthy fats can come from whole eggs, avocados, nuts, pasture raised proteins, and dairy for example.  You aren’t eating sticks of butter and packages of bacon like a lot of people think.

TB:  Can people have normal lives with busy schedules and have success with Keto?

CR:  No matter how busy any individual is, they have to eat.  It’s about what you eat.  It is up to any individual to choose healthy foods and it’s not going to come from a box or a bag.  If you are willing to prep your meals once or twice a week, a busy person can absolutely manage their diet.  I actually think it’s easier to grab your meals and take them with you.

TB:  Tell us what youre doing now, I see you have a coaching program!

CR:  I have launched a coaching program, specifically aimed at teaching the ketogenic diet.  I paid a lot of money to have a coach.  I want to provide a service to others where they can take their health back into their control, become educated, and live a sustainable, healthy lifestyle without paying a heavy price for it.  We all deserve to be healthy and happy and not break the bank to do that.


TB:  What are your goals for 2019?

CR:  So much change is happening at once I am mentally overloaded at the moment!  My first priority is building my own brand and reach into the keto community.  I went into 2019 with my coaching business taking off and I got a life changing call on the 1st.  Let’s just say my goals changed within 24 hours and I’m still figuring out how to manage all these great opportunities.   I have partnered with a brand called Keto Quest that will be launching very soon, a platform that will allow a group of selected members including myself to help change the lives of people worldwide.

TB:  Please share how people can get in touch with you if interested in signing up or just following your story on social media!

CR:  Coaching: www.ketowithcrystal.com

Instagram: @Ketowithcrystal

COMING SOON Keto Quest: https://ketoquest.com/?ref=creneau

Youtube: Crystal Reneau

the perfect escape

Hutchinson Shores Resort Photo Shoot
by TropicBeauty Insider

Hutchinson Shores Resort logo
Video:  MunozPhotography.com Models in order of Appearance: Lindsey Bonin, Erika Arellano, Serenity White, Trashell Thompson, Amanda Starr, Nichole Tyra, Brandy Roberts, Haley Sirmans, Kelsey Kendall, Danielle Table, Tay Royal, Marseille Morillo, Angela Fanelli

Hutchinson Shores Resort & Spa in Jensen Beach is Florida's New Premier Resort

From the minute we arrived at the front door of Hutchinson Shores Resort & Spa, we were so surprised to find such a upscale resort in such a small town!  Beachfront and totally renovated!  This was a perfect place for a shoot!  The décor in the lobby set the tone for the whole property.  So we all checked into our rooms to get ready for the production meeting. 

The hotel has lots of ocean front rooms and I was lucky enough to receive one of them!  The nautical décor seemed fitting for the location, and the robes were amazing.  There was a couch in my room and a king sized bed with a huge bolster pillow! (love those)  Got unpacked and got ready to get on the Bus to @bostonsonthebeach in Delray Beach, Florida about a 45 minute ride. 

Bostons on the beach is a true sports bar containing every team everything from Boston!   TVs are everywhere, and a reggae band one night of the week.  The food is really good, featuring lobster rolls, fries with brisket and cheese (OMG) and of course live lobsters!  This place is right across from the beach and you can sit outside as well.  We did a walk thru and kept going right next door to their adjoining property called The Sand Bar @sandbardelraybeach.   

The whole out door bar is in the sand!  There are string lights, a DJ in the corner, cool lounge furniture everywhere and a huge bar under a Tiki hut.  They had a huge spread laid out for us all to eat, and open bar!  It was a blast on the dance floor and we all took turns doing selfies with the shark!  At about midnight we headed back to the bus to the hotel as we have shoots all day tomorrow and a video shoot for the hotel! 

Aerial view of the Sandbar and Bostons in Delray Beach Florida

We had the best weather, as you can tell by the photos, the ocean was amazing and the vibe so relaxing!  All the guests were very cool with all of the pretty girls having photographs done, that was so much appreciated! 


The food here is just amazing!  We all chose to eat either breakfast or lunch, cause well lots of the girls sleep through breakfast.  It is spa all the way!  Wehad a great shoot and then were treated to a welcome cocktail reception and appetizers before heading to the Drift for dinner.  We were treated to our own private dining room and the menu was amazing!  I ordered the Linguini Vongole; fresh clams steamed in pinot grigio, toasted garlic, chili flakes, sweet heirloom tomatoes,  fresh herbs tossed with linguini !  A glass or 2 of wine and that’s a perfect night! 

We spent all day shooting on Saturday, and allot of time at the pool bar.  The hotel has 2 pools one is ocean front and smaller and the other is nice and big.  The bar has lots of frozen drinks, and pretty sure we tried them all.  This area is in the shade its so nice.  I’d love to come back here for certain.  I think the video for this weekend came out so good, it really gives everyone an idea what if felt like to be here! 

Tonight it was announced who won the photoshoot challenge!  Nichole Tyra from Detroit, MI was the lucky girl!  Shes so sweet too I’m really glad I got to meet her and allot of the girls I never knew before.  She won $1,000 which is a great prize for taking photos! 

Cant wait for the next trip to let you know what its like behind the scenes! 

Photo Shoot Challenge Winner - instagram.com/nicholetyraa

Social Influence

by Jerrica Robbins

Our Interview with Jerrica

TB:  Hi Jerrica! Tell us a little about your background… 

JR:  I was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga, but have been in Vegas now for 5 years.  I started college in Florida with a National military scholarship but chose a different path that led me to develop a career in tech and media.


TB: Can you remind us of how you first got involved with Tropic Beauty? 

JR: I competed in the Miss Atlanta pageant. I didn’t win but Amy reached out to the top 5 and gave me the opportunity to go and compete in Las Vegas at the international world finals 2013. 


TB: What did you enjoy the most about the experience? 

JR: I enjoyed meeting so many people from around the world. I have friends in every corner of the world. My network is so big that no matter what endeavor I begin, I have met someone that can help me reach my goals. 


TB:  We recall that being involved in the model search led you to move to Las Vegas, what was that like for you? 

JR:  Transitioning to Vegas was a scary thought. I had only been there three times, and it was actually during my third trip with Tropic Beauty that I had my interview to start working at the worlds best Dayclub, Marquee Las Vegas! It was mind blowing to have such a huge opportunity to join this community. Las Vegas is much more than the party people see when they visit. It is the land of opportunity and you can make it whatever you want it to be.  


TB:  When we first met you where did you see yourself in 5 years? 

JR: I had different goals at that time but I was definitely hoping to have a set career path by then. I would say I have 3 career paths right now but all moving in the same direction to build my empire that is my brand. 


TB:  What has been the best thing about your move to Las Vegas? 

JR:  Experience. I live in a hub for people from all over the world. The number of shows are endless, the restaurants are incredible, the people are all unique. I’ve learned so much and opened my mind to more possibilities in the world than I could have ever imagined. 


TB:  Fast forward to now, tell us about your current endeavor and why everyone should know about it! 

JR:  Currently, I work in digital marketing. I have partnered with a long time friend of mine to create a company where we develop online marketing strategy with an emphasis in social media.  

TB:  We are so proud of you and your drive for success!  Please tell our readers the top 10 things they need to know to have a fully functional instagram account that will be an asset to them? 


  1. Decide what value your Instagram has
  2. Decide who it is valuable for
  3. Create an enticing bio
  4. Use a minimum of 25 hashtags per post
  5. Keep track of which hashtags you rank for
  6. Post daily
  7. Create enticing story highlights 
  8. Maintain high engagement 
  9. Reply to all comments
  10. Keep content relevant and exciting 


TB:  Thank you so much for the tips, and of course people who really want to monitize their accounts can reach out for a consultation via Instagram to @jerrica_faye

Tropic Beauty model Jerrica Martin
Tropic Beauty model Jerrica Martin

TB: Trashell, and FYI to everyone out there it is pronounced TRAY-SHELL, we are so excited to let all of your fans know more about you!  We met you a long time ago when you were a part of the Hawaiian Tropic Model Search do you remember that time?  Were you nervous at all? 

TT: Yes I remember! It was an exciting time and a good kind of nervous. The model search and competitions were nerve wracking but it marks one of the best times of my life with a great organization and I made lifelong friendships.  

TB: Once you won a title you kept winning year after year as we recall, was your first trip to Las Vegas with TropicBeauty?  How many other trips do you remember and what was your favorite? 

TT: I had been to Las Vegas before, but not quite in the way that we experienced it with TropicBeauty. I have been to Las Vegas so many times with Tropic Beauty that I literally lost count but probably somewhere in the 30’s ha! One of my favorite trips was the yearly Michael Jordan celebrity golf tournament. Not to mention several events where I was getting to host and judge contests along side celebs like, Scott Eastwood, Jamie Fox, and of course Dan Bilzarian. We host events and parties with some of the worlds biggest DJ’s and at the best clubs in Las Vegas.  

TB:  You have appeared on the cover of the TropicBeauty Calendar more then anyone, how does that feel and did you know this?   

TT: It’s an honor to appear on the cover of the calendar. It’s a coveted spot and I was in such great company for the cover each time. Honestly, I love the experience of working with TropicBeauty and the other girls that I didn’t really view it as a competition, it was more like a vacation to a fun place with all of my girl friends. One of the covers was shot at Red Rock Canyon and I really enjoyed visiting Las Vegas for the many options and unique locations for photo shoots. The people, the food, the scenery were all amazing! 

TB: Now you are appearing on the very first cover of the Tropic Beauty Magazine!  Do you like the transition and see the relevance? 

TT: I think that moving to a magazine format is great! It’s a mile marker for the company and allows another way for people to get to know TropicBeauty and appreciate the spirit of the contest and the amazing contestants and the fun places we get to visit and people we meet along the way. 

TB: Tell the fans what you do in life that you really enjoy. 

TT: Some people may be surprised that I enjoy being outdoors, playing with my dogs, spending time and traveling with my fiancé. Of course, I’m into fashion and beauty as well!  

TB: What do you think most guys who see your photos want to know about you? 

TT: I think most guys want to know if I have a sister or friends who are single. Ha-ha.  

TB:  What do you think most girls who see your photos want to know about you? 

TT:  Most of the time I get questions from girls related to beauty secrets and if my hair is real and if so how to keep my blonde hair so long and healthy. And Yes, it’s real and all mine!:) 

TB:  What do you eat to stay in shape, and what’s your fitness routine? 

TT: I try to keep to a low sugar diet. I eat mostly green vegetables and drink a lot of water. I don’t really have a fitness regime, but I stay active. Hiking Stone Mountain, yoga, walking the dogs, and if I’m at the gym I work on toning with weights or bands. When I’m getting ready for a competition I’ve worked with a trainer before to help me with toning techniques. I’m fortunate that genetics help me out a lot. 

TB:  Any beauty secrets you can share with us? 

TT: Since it’s usually about my hair, I soak it in melted coconut oil once a month for 1 hour and then wash it out. Also I very rarely blow dry my hair or use hot tools, always air dry and no teasing. 

TB:  What are your next plans for modeling? 

TT: As for modeling, I am focused on smaller projects right now as I plan my wedding to the man of my dreams. I’m working with local companies in Atlanta at this moment but I can see doing a little more after our wedding.  

TB: What are you next big plans for life? 

TT: Well that would have to be, I’m getting married early next year, so it is very exciting to start this new chapter in my life. I’m also exploring a few business ideas in hopes to starting my own company in the near future. 

TB: Congrats Girl!  I’m sure lots of guys will be bummed out, but we now how awesome your man is and that he is the yin to your yang!  We consider you the face of the brand, and always will, what is your advice for the next model that wants to follow in your footsteps? 

TT: Thank you, that is so kind! I would say to anyone wanting to pursue this venture to keep an open mind and be open to critique in order to improve. It is nerve wracking to be in a competition but I would recommend that they should to slow down and remind themselves to enjoy the experience. The friendships, the travel, and the people you meet are invaluable and really what the Tropic Beauty contest is all about.  

Tropic Beauty Calendar Cover model Trashell Thompson
Tropic Beauty Calendar Cover model Trashell Thompson
Tropic Beauty Calendar model Trashell Thompson
Tropic Beauty model Trashell is cover model for Kandy magazine

TB: Hi Brian we are so excited to share your story with our fans and followers!  We absolutely love your photos, how did you get started taking photos?

BC: I was introduced to a camera by my father as a child, but started being interested in taking photos in high school. I casually took photos until 2008 when I decided to take it a bit more serious.

TB: What did you do before becoming a professional photographer!

BC: I worked for an automotive brand, and was a caregiver in my years before becoming a photographer.

TB: Where are you based, and where do you mainly shoot? 

BC: I’m based in Los Angeles, California. And I mainly shoot up and down the West coast. I travel for projects and have been fortunate to see many beautiful places along the way

TB: What kind of photos you like taking the most?

BC: I enjoy taking photos in nature, outdoor backdrops that add a special element to the photo itself.

TB: We notice that you have really great communication with the models, to help them look the best in their shots, how did you learn that excellent communication? 

BC: I believe it’s a mix of workplace comfort and past experience. I had past experience with a lingerie retailer, as well as years of experience as a caregiver. Both helped with patience and communication.

TB: What is your biggest pet peeve about working with models?

BC: Not a pet peeve, but negatively comparing yourself to others is already a step in the wrong direction. Just focus on being the best version of yourself.

TB: Any exciting plans in the near future?

BC: Continue traveling and creating along the way. 

You can follow Brian on his IG @bcphotography to book a shoot and enjoy his work!

Tropic Beauty photographer Brian Cardenas

The moment you arrive at SPEEDVEGAS, you’ll know you’ve never experienced anything like it. Bring your exotic car and off-road vehicle fantasies to life on the longest and fastest racetracks in Las Vegas. And that’s just the beginning.​


Watch as the impossibly hot girls from Tropic Beauty visit SPEEDVEGAS to race exotic supercars on track.